The Tenderloin neighborhood and Central Market Corridor (CMTL) are located at the very heart of San Francisco and make up one of the most diverse parts of our city. Due to the historically more affordable housing stock and the density of social-services, this area is both a point of entry for many who arrive in San Francisco, as well as a final destination for those who are trying to hang on in this expensive city.  

In recent years, the CMTL area has undergone a remarkable transformation. Thousands of new employees now flood into the neighborhood daily and an impressive number of new businesses and housing projects are currently in development. Due to these rapid changes and the vulnerability of existing residents, both City and non-profit partners are working hard to ensure that the diverse residents and business owners can remain and flourish, while trying to improve the quality of life for everyone that lives, works, plays, or studies in the CMTL.

The CMTL Data Portal was created to be a resource to those working to support the quality of life in the Central Market/tenderloin Neighborhood. Data are presented for the boundary that was outlined in the Central Market/Tenderloin Strategy, which includes the Tenderloin Neighborhood and parts of South of Market and Hayes Valley that will be seeing rapid development. 

cmtl boundary