Initiatives by Goal Area


Ecocomic opportunity

Neighborhood cohesion, stability and affordability

Central Market/Tenderloin Strategy Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing
CityBuild Eviction Protection 2.0
Code Tenderloin HOME SF
Disability Employment Initiative Hotel & Emergency Shelter Inspection Program
Downtown Streets Team Housing Balance Report
HealthCare Academy Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program
Hospitality Initiative Project Homeless Connect
Nonprofit Displacement Mitigation Program Public Land for Housing
OEWD Business Assistance Residential Hotel Unit Conversion and Demolition
OEWD Business Attraction and Retention Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Task Force
OEWD Non-Profit Support Tenderloin Development Without Displacement
Re-Entry Program Navigator  
Tenderloin Equitable Development Project  
Urban Solutions  
Working Group on Nonprofit Displacement  
Young Adult Services  


Resident health and wellbeing


Safe and healthy shared spaces

Deemed Approved Uses Ordinance (DAO) Boeddeker Park Renovation and Activation
EatSF Central Market CBD Clean Team
Green Mobile Health Education Kitchen Civic Center Playgrounds Renovation
Healthy Retail SF DPW Pit Stop Program
SFHIP Alcohol Policy Workgroup Four Corner Fridays
Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition Hyde and Turk Mini Park Renovation
  Larkin Street Youth Force
  Safe Passage
  SF Downtown Streets Team
  Sgt. Macaulay Park Renovation
  Tenderloin Camera Program
  Tenderloin CBD Clean Team
  Tenderloin Pedestrian Lighting Improvement
  Vision Zero