The Central Market/Tenderloin Data Portal is a collaborative project between the City and County of San Francisco and Saint Francis Memorial Hospital and its Foundation. This project began out of a desire to support the implementation and evaluation of two initiatives, The Central Market/Tenderloin Strategy and The Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership. However, it is hoped that this website can serve as a resource for all residents, businesses, and community organizations within the Tenderloin and Central Market Corridor - facilitating conversations, prioritization, and change. 

The Central Market/Tenderloin Strategy

The 2015 Central Market/Tenderloin Strategy extends earlier economic development strategies for Central Market to include priority areas along Sixth Street and throughout the Tenderloin. It captures important work underway and identifies new interventions that are planned or needed. The goal of the Strategy is to harness new investment in the area to create a diverse, healthy, mixed-income neighborhood that offers safety and well-being to all who live, work and visit the area. There’s optimism that the area’s unique assets, such as the large stock of permanently affordable housing units and numerous well-established non-profit property owners, will provide an unparalleled opportunity to revitalize the neighborhood, while also ensuring that the low-income residential population of the neighborhood, including children, families, and immigrant business owners, can benefit from cleaner and safer streets, quality businesses, recreation without being displaced.

Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership (TLHIP)

Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership (TLHIP) is a multi-sector collective impact partnership committed to improving health and well-being in the Tenderloin by aligning priorities, resources and activities to create pathways to health for residents. Led by the Saint Francis Foundation and Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, TLHIP provides a framework to better coordinate between institutions, co-create solutions and deliver a deeper impact. Since 2014, TLHIP has organized a strong, multi-sector partnership, funded innovative, community-based solutions that provide a range of critical and impactful community initiatives.

For Tenderloin residents, lack of safety is a primary barrier to living a healthier lifestyle. In addition, access to safe parks, availability of healthy food and exercise opportunities, and the quality and affordability of retail and housing all have direct and indirect implications on individual health. These social and institutional systems result in chronic health issues and poor health outcomes for the community. A well-documented and cost-effective approach to improving population health is to address the factors that contribute to illness and disease.

Through this innovative and collaborative model, TLHIP is addressing:

  • Safety
  • Behavioral Health
  • Resident Health
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Housing Access

With the alignment of a broad spectrum of public, private, and not-for-profit partners, the Saint Francis Foundation is leading and raising funds for this groundbreaking initiative to create a healthy, vibrant, and safe neighborhood to end the cycle of poor health.