Why is this important

Understanding population density is important because it aids in aligning public and private resources (such as parks, retail, and transit) to serve residents.

How are we doing?

The American Community Survey (ACS) surveys residents on an annual basis; however, five years of aggregated data are necessary provide numbers at a census tract or neighborhood level. Here we are comparing data from the 2005-2009 and 2010-2014 ACS data sets. Between the two time periods, there were significant population increases both citywide and in the CMTL area, leading to increases in population density. The CMTL area is about five times more dense than the city overall. The areas with the greatest population density within the CMTL boundary include census tracts that border Ellis and Leavenworth.

Dataset Source

American Community Survey, 2005-2009 & 2010-2014

* San Francisco square miles - 46.87

* CMTL census tract square miles for 2010-2014 - 0.64

* CMTL census tract square miles in 2005-2009 - 0.63